Connecting to the Network

Students living in residence's halls can connect their personal computers to the College's network. Each room connection allows for quick and convenient access to the electronic resources that Morris College and the Internet have to offer. Features include:

  • 100 Mbps connection to the network and the Internet.
  • No modem or phone line required.
  • One Ethernet connection per person provided at no additional charge.
  • Installation instructions provided in the Internet Connection Instructions.
Those connecting to the network should note the following conditions:
  • Student must purchase a CAT5 cable (minimum length 10 to 15 feet). Cable may be purchased from any computer supply store (Best Buy, CDW, Staples, etc.) or the College's Bookstore.
  • All connections must be registered with the Computer Center (Student must obtain a Student Request Form from the Computer Center)
  • Users must comply with Appropriate Use of Computers. Note that these policies forbid the illegal distribution of copyrighted software, music, and videos.