Dr. Lula J. Gary
Director of Counseling and Testing Center
Mabel K. Howard Building
Room 203
(803) 934-3259

The Office of Counseling and Testing (OCT) provides counseling and developmental services to Morris College students. Services include)individualized counseling, group counseling, information and counseling for education majors, workshops, seminars, and other programs to enhance the students' total development.

Individualized counseling enables each student to discuss personal concerns with a professional counselor in a confidential atmosphere. Group counseling enables individuals to share concerns with others who have similar difficulties and/or goals of development. Workshops and seminars address counseling-related issues and interests of students, faculty and staff. Peer counselors with sensitivity, skill and understanding assist and also refer students to a professional counselor as needed.

Tutors are available upon request. Study guides for the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, MCAT, MAT and NTE standardized tests are also available.

Students desiring to enter graduate school should know that Morris College has been established as a controlled testing center for the MAT (Miller Analogies Test). Students may come to the Office of Counseling and Testing to obtain information about the MAT as well as a testing schedule. The MAT may only be taken at Morris College twice within a twelve-month period of time.

The telephone number is (803) 934-3259 or (803) 934-3281. OCT accepts referral from faculty, staff and students. Service can also be rendered at other college sites upon request. A policy of strict confidentiality is maintained.