Job Listings
Charleston Television, LLC - ABC News 4
City of Myrtle Beach
Federal Bureau of Prisons
The City of Oakland California Police Department
U.S. Air Force - Contracting Specialist  
open period to apply April 1, 2014 to September 30, 2014 
Child and Youth Program Assistant (Fort Jackson, SC) deadline to apply August 30, 2014
Dealer Services Analyst (Greenville Business Center - Greenville, SC)
Dealer Services Analyst (Tampa Business Center - Tampa, FL)
AmeriCorps (Lee County and Sumter County) flyer attached deadline to apply August 26, 2014
The White House Internship: A Public Service Leadership Program (Spring 2015)
Customer Service Representative  
(2 positions)
Ford College Graduate Program - Dealer Services Analyst
Senior Marketing Producer
WCSC-TV Charleston, SC deadline to apply August 12, 2014
Part-time Tutors (Writing and Biology) Central Carolina Tech contact Diane M. Fulcher 803-778-7812

Cisco Field Sales Internship (Summer 2015) and Minor League Baseball Internship To receive information about the application process for either opportunity call the Career Services Center at (803) 934-3191.